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Month: July 2015

Team Gollancz Friday Reads

Check out what Team Gollancz are reading this week (in this very cosy reading nook).. Lucy – The Final Empire (Mistborn Book One) by Brandon Sanderson Amy – The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss […]

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On This Day: Poul Anderson Died

On this day in the very science fictional year of 2001, Poul William Anderson died. A wonderful author, Anderson was equally at home with SF and Fantasy. Although much of his work falls unambiguously into […]

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Stretching boundaries in landscape editing

The minimising effect a wide-angle lens can have on distant elements can be a drawback when photographing certain subjects, such as a sweeping landscape with mountains on the horizon and no particular focal point in […]

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On This Day: James Blish

On this day forty years ago, James Blish  died. For many years, in my early days as a science fiction reader, Blish was known to me for one thing only: he was the writer of the […]

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How to hold and calm your baby

Sarah Ockwell-Smith‘s book BabyCalm describes a relaxing and effective way to hold your baby: The Tiger-in-the-tree hold*. Sarah Ockwell-Smith recommends this as the greatest secret on how to hold a baby, stop your baby from crying, and calm them effectively. […]

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YALC: the second YA Literary Convention

Last year was the first ever YA Literary Convention (YALC), and we had a complete blast. So we knew we’d enjoy this year’s con, and we did. We met tons of readers, sold hundreds of […]

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Meet the Last True Vampire …

August Book of the Month Chapter One The vampire knew of no one on the face of the earth that he despised as fervently as the Sortiari. As the self-proclaimed influencers of Fate, Mikhail wondered […]

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On This Day: NASA was Born

On this day in 1958, the creation of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration was authorised by US congress. Eleven years later – almost to the day – they did this:

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Making the most of minimalist compositions

Some people say that photography is based on the art of subtraction; the careful selection and arrangement of elements in a scene so the viewer can concentrate on the message the photographer wishes to communicate. […]

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1.       Because it will make you happy. We promise.   2.       Because it’s all about diversity without shouting about it. 3.       Because you will fall in love with each and every character. Guaranteed. 4.       Because […]

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